VARAM Rakshak is an exclusive Company set up for Providing Solutions related to Defence, Railways, Nuclear and Space related applications in the country, mainly in the area of Unmanned vehicles, by VARAM GROUP. VARAM GROUP, are one among the Pioneers in Providing Total Turnkey Solutions in Robotics, Automation, Automated Car Parking and Material handling from 1994 onwards as a “System Integrator”.

About VARAM Warehousing

  • VARAM WAREHOUSING is a Company of VARAM GROUP who are one among the Pioneers in Providing Total Turnkey Solutions in Automation and Material handling from 1994 onwards as a "System Integrator".
  • We provide specialized
    AGV- Automated Guided Vehicle
  • With our Technical Prowess, coupled with large experience in the field, we are today in a position to offer an Optimum Solution for any type of Defence Project.
  • Our Defence systems are a perfect mix of Indigenous technology along with quality imported parts.
  • We collaborate with major Companies worldwide, who are pioneers in their field of activity and are having experience of more than Two plus decades.
  • Our in-house team is composed of design engineers, specialized installation team, and global support team.
  • We offer integrated turnkey solution from supply to installation to maintenance.
  • We have a full fledged Manufacturing set up in Bangalore. We have engineers in all parts of India for any minor repairs, and our design engineers are always ready to come to the site for any major issues.

Our Vision

To excel to be the BEST Integrated Solution Provider in India and across the Globe, by offering Optimum Solutions, in Unmanned Surface and Airborne Vehicles with Survelliance, Communication and Tactical Warfare Systems.

Our Mission

✓ To be the leader in providing Turnkey Solutions in Unmanned Airborne Systems for Public and Private use across the Globe.

✓ To offer Solution for Unmanned Land Vehicles with Multi utility and Multi Terrain capability.

✓ To protect the borders with Intelligent fencing.

✓ To extend same technology for other similar areas of application

Promoter Background

Mr.Vardachari Ramesh

Mr.Vardachari Ramesh is a Chartered Engineer with an MBA in Finance, is a First Generation Technopreneur, who worked for 9 years with SYSTEMS GROUP of company after his graduation, before starting off his own venture, GLOBAL GROUP in 1994.
GLOBAL was catering for various segments like Industrial Automation, Car Parking Solutions, Robotics, Warehousing etc. After expanding the business for 22 years, he decided to Restructure the company and VARAM GROUP was formed. Under this banner, 5 Major divisions have been created VARAM AUTOMATIONS, CONSULTANCY, ENERGY, PARKING, WAREHOUSING catering to each sector of GLOBAL’s expertise.
He has more than 32 years of rich experience in execution and Providing Turnkey Solutions in the field of Material Handling, Tyre Industry, Automotive Assembly line, System Integration, Industrial Automation, Robotic Handling, Machine Vision solutions, SPM (Special Purpose Machine), LPG Bottling Plants, Application/ Product development etc. He also has hands on experience of more than Two decades in Business Development, Techno Commercial Negotiations, Pre & post Sales Operations, Project execution on site, Client Relationship Management, Specialized Product/ Solution development in Parking arena.
He was instrumental in signing of Technology Partnership for various Car Parking systems with some of the Pioneering Car Parking Companies across the Globe and is now able to offer the same Technology with Optimum costing to the Indian Market and also export from India. He has forged good partnership with Investors across the Globe, who are keen to Invest in Parking Projects on BOOT basis, if the same is Techno-commercially viable.


Some of the Key parameters on which clients prefer to work with us as First Choice are :

  •   We take up Turnkey Parking Projects along with our Investors on DBFOT / BOOT (Design, Build, Finance, Own & Transfer), of Techno-Commercially Viable projects.
  •   We Provide the Widest range of Products when compared to any other Solution provider across the Globe.
  •   We are so Confident of our Design, Ruggedness and Quality of our System that by default we extend a 24 Months Warranty for any of our Products supplied from the date of Handing over, (subject to our standard terms and conditions).
  •   As the Systems supplied have to operate trouble free for a very long time, we keep an eye on the OPEX cost, even if the client has to pay marginally a bit more on the CAPEX cost.
  •   We ensure that the total Connected Electric Load is always kept to the Minimum and so also the Energy cost per operation. We excel in the fact that connected load per Slot and Total Number of Drive Units (Motor +Gear box + Accessories) is always the lowest in any project when compared to other Solution Providers.

 Safety Features : We ensure that there is multiple Safety features built in the System, like Mechanical Locking, Sensors/ Barrier Switches/ Limit Switches, Software Interlocks, Visual display, Alarm etc.

Why Automated Warehousing ?

  • Large parking space

    Currently large parking space is required, added to scarcity of Parking space in CBD areas, hence cars are being parked on Roads/ Cross Roads, which in turn leads to congestion and blockade of traffic flow.

    Solution: Optimum Utilisation of underground/ above ground space and build multilevel parking spaces.

  • Inconvenience

    People visiting CBD areas have to keep scouting for Parking slots, thereby wasting time.

    Solution: People can directly drive into the parking location and walk off and also retrieve It within hardly 90 secs.

  • Increase in Traffic density

    With increase of vehicles on the road, year on year, and lack of parking infrastructure, roads Get choked.

    Solution: Convert all the existing parking lots which are of single tier parking to Multilevel mechanized so that it can cater for any increase of traffic density in future.

  • Time required

    Currently many of the parking lots are ramp type, and it consumes lot of time for any person to park or retrieve their vehicles from top floors.

    Solution: Speed of parking as no time is lost in searching for bay and driving Up/ Down, any retrieval can be done within a max of 90 sec.

  • High prices of real estate

    As real estate price is very high, all the builders will try to utilize the space for Commercial application rather than Parking.

    Solution: With Multievel Mechanised Parking spaces being provided, real estate revenues can also be increased.

  • Theft / Vandalism of cars

    As cars are parked in Open roads without any Security, this leads to theft or damage of cars.

    Solution: All the parking lots will be provided with CCTV, Access cards for parking and retrieval and continous monitoring of the parking lots, hence this issue can be 100% addressed.

  • High Pollution

    Vehicular volumes are increasing and people keep scouting for parking lots, which in turn leads to lot of emission and consumption of fuel.

    Solution: Lesser emissions (Eligible for Carbon credit as per KYOTO protocol) and lesser consumption of fuel.

  • Parking problem in Residential/ Private places

    As people are able to afford more than one car per family, and lack of parking space inside the premises, vehicles are parked on the roadside.

    Solution: Multilevel parking can be provided, so that within the available space, more cars can be accommodated.